Ma3 OnPC 2k issue

  • Hi guys, I have a issue with MA3 OnPc 2k node. I use this in mode 2 with ArtNet configuration conecting to a Avo board. The Avo see the node and the output is running, but my fixtures sometimes stops a second when i run a effect or move fixtures for make positions. I was change the node for other whit the same network configuration and it's work perfect. I miss something to configure in the node?:/

    MA3 node, runs in mode 2 and conect to a Avo... Funny :D

  • Might be the wrong forum because it may come from Avo, but I do have an Idea:

    Are the DMX outputs on the Node set to Out or to RDM?

    RDM has a lower DMX refresh rate, so some lights cannot react to that properly. Maybe try changing the mode on the node to Out. This worked for me on a GMA3 Command wing s

    Also out of interest, why an MA Node when you're using an Avo? I don't know much about Avolites so maybe they just don't have a comparable product.

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  • grandMA3 xPorts nodes running Mode2 do not have a dedicated RDM mode per port. They have only in and out as modes for the port.

    Oh sorry about that. In that case I am unsure of a fix but the behaviour of the fixtures that Felipe described here:

    fixtures sometimes stops a second when i run a effect or move fixtures for make positions

    do seem quite like either a DMX dropout or more likely a refresh rate issue. Not sure how the settings on the node can be changed to try this though.

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  • HI. Maybe this is the wrong fortum, but as you can read my question is that if there is any configuration option that i'm overlooking. 8o

    The Avolites work perfectly with an artnet elation node with the same IP and configurations in the same table the MA does. I tried blocking the RDM to put the artnet in continuous and the MA node keeps giving me the same error. I also tried a Chamsys and the error is the same as the AVO.

    I have an MA3 port node 2K that i bought recently and for thos event i had to work with an AVO, but i needed 5 DMX universes (this AVO has 4 physicals) and i thought that if the AVO takes out the artnet and the node converts the artnet to dmx it might work instead of renting a node (something i had to do in the end).||

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