Timecode in ONPC and AGENDA

  • Hi

    I made a show in a Ma3 Light with soft 1142

    and now i try to modify the timecode line, via tokens and time with OnPC and my command wing...... its imposible!...Am i doing something wrong? its a bug?

    and i can't see the timecode line completely

    What do i do for a weekly event?

    i needed the AGENDA or something like that, but the new software don't implement yet...¿?


  • Hi Daniel

    Thanks, i am sure about i am in setup mode

    it's curious, i copied this timecode line , and in this second timecode copied i can work, i can change and add events....¿?

    and i made a new one, and work, but in the first timecode, don't....

    i can send you the file for revision

    i think probably it's to early to work in some settings with this software...

    Thanks and greetings