Retrieving fixturetype (available attributes) from fixture?

  • The only solution is see at the moment is to grab the fixture name, loop through all fixture types, and compare the name with the fixturetype.shortname (and then store the fixturetype index number, to later be able to use it for fetching fixture specific attributes).

    But it is a really ugly solution...

  • UPDATE: ...and further investigation led me to the conclusion that it's not possible to figure out which attributes each fixture has, even if you have the fixtureType =\

    Anyone else that has had any luck regarding this matter?

  • It's been a while since I looked that GetSubfixture() but I just tried again it no matter what I try I get back an error like "Could not resolve object address for {Type# Type name}" but the actual value returned is always nil.

    I've done the same thing, hopefully it will get solved in the next minor version.

    However, you can figure out what each fixture type includes, probably an easier way but this works:

    local a = 5 -- fixture types
    local b = 3 -- fixture type ID you are interested in
    local c = 6 -- DMXModes
    local d = 1 -- DMX mode you are interested in
    local e = 1 -- DMXChannels
    local f = 1 -- DMX Channel you are interested in (1 based)
    local g = 1 -- Attribute
    Echo(Patch()[a][b][c][d][e]:Count())    -- 25
    Echo(Patch()[a][b][c][d][e][f][g].name) -- ColorRGB_R

    This gives you the same info as if you were to do not sure why I can't do this in one command:

    cd 11.10



    In my case I have a Mythos patched in FixtureType 3 and you can look at each channel and get it's attribute type.

  • Btw, is your wiki open for additions? (I have investigated some more of the API that could be of service for someone)

    It's not completely open to keep the spammers out, but you can either create an issue. With a little trust I can also add you as a contributor. but even with all of my spelling mistakes I'm a little OCD at times :)

    Btw... have you figured out some way to get the index of the last created item somehow? (any object)

    I haven't researched that, but I suspect not since pool items are indexed there may be other ways like looking at the undo queue (if that's even public)

  • Ok :)

    I've written a standard iterator for dedecting first available ID for now...

    Btw, in case you haven't found these helper functions already I'll post them (found them today):

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