• Hi All,

    do the STORE options work properly?

    I created a simple open white picture and stored it on a executor.

    From there i changed Gobo, Position etc.

    Stored this to another Executor (with: STORE/ALL FOR SELECTED)

    But on the second executor are no dimmer values stored.

    Same with STORE/LOOK.

    What did I miss?

  • Hi,

    If you stored values on an exec, they are automatically deselect from your programmer.

    So in your case you have to call it back again by clicking on attribute dimmer twice (till you can see a red bar on the top right corner of the attribute dimmer box).

    Store Look functionality obviousely not implemented yet...

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  • But then the option "ALL FOR SELECTED" makes no sense for me.

    If I stored it with "ACTIVE FOR SELECTED" then I have to activate the attributes again. Thats clear, no active attributes in the programmer.

    Even store "LOOK" doesn't work.

    And on first sight only Dimmer Values are affected. Gobo, Pan, Tilt etc were stored (without activating them again).

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