Commandline for controlling plugins?

  • Soo.. just getting started with MA3.

    It seems that the regular "Off Plugin 1" or "Reload Plugin 1" don't work in MA3... cant find anywhere in the documentation about whats replaced these keywords either.

    Has anyone figured out how to do it?

  • If you accidentally have created an infinite loop, you can use the keyword ReloadPlugins (same as on gma2) to reset the Lua engine.

    In grandMA3, executing commands (like Go+, Off etc) are passed to the pluginscript, and it is up to the script to handle how to react to those commands.

    You can import the plugin "Execute Example" to see how it works:

    CD Plugin

    Import Library "Execute Example.xml"

    CD Root

    then look at the system monitor window to see the example plugin react to the executing commands, e.g.

    Go+ Plugin "Execute Example"

    Off Plugin "Execute Example"

  • If i just want to be able to run a plugin and pass some parameters to it (not run commands), how do I go about that?

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