Problems updating onPC 2Port Node 2k

  • Hi!

    Just got a brand new gma3 onPC 2Port Node 2k out of a box. It has version in it and I am trying to update to following these orders:…dMA3/update_xports/en/1.1

    However when I turn on the node with the usb, it the screen just goes full white, not prompting anything about the update. On a smaller flashdrive of 1 GB it boots normally after a while, on larger (32GB) it just stays full white.

    So far I've tried with different drives and formatting them again (FAT32 as it is told) and copying the files and 2 directories both from mac OS and PC but with no success.

    Does this sound familiar? Is there any other way to update the software?



  • Well that explains the problem with 32GB sticks. What about the 1GB?

    I forgot to mention, on the 1GB it boots to after a while, so it does not start the update process..

  • To confirm, on your USB stick, you should have:

    • A folder called "EFI" (with some stuff inside it)
    • A folder called "ma" (with some stuff inside it)
    • An .scr file called "update"

    All three of these should be in the root of your USB stick, not inside any other folders.

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