MA3D will not talk to GMA2 on PC

  • Can someone please help me, here?

    I've simply hit a wall on gettin' ma3d and gma2 on pc to communicate after install.

    I've watched endless, step by step videos on how to do this simple, procedural, chimpanzee install, and it fails when I get to "Add Present."

    I've walked through the methodical install, here, as I performed it---I hope!

    Install History:

    Removed all MA Lighting-related files and folders on C-Drive from previous installation

    Did registry clean and defrag.

    Rebooted machine

    Downloaded gma2 on pc Version from download page

    Downloaded MA3D Version from download page

    Did fresh install of both programs

    Got Windows Defender "features" block warning for both installs; I allowed access, then I deactivated WD for both installs.

    Both installs seamless; no problems.

    Opened both programs

    Administrator user level on gma2 on pc

    GMA2 on PC:

    Created a show file in Backup window

    Placed one Robe Megapointe, Mode 1 fixture in the patch

    (everything got saved as I went)

    MA Network Control window in gma2 reads "Master 1"

    MA Network Control Sessions window in gma2: session is GREEN; address

    MA Network Control Stations window: shows laptop, address as "Master 1"

    I go to MA Network Configuration on gma2

    onPC tab showing laptop address

    All other addresses match this

    3D tab showing "new"; no other entries present.

    Everything looks good so far

    I start MA3D and go to the File/Settings/Network window to check the MA-Net IP.

    MA-Net IP address reads @ Ethernet:

    The notorious little flashin' RED thingy in the upper left corner dominates the page!

    Here's where it all goes to H:

    Went back to MA Network Configuration on gma2

    onPC tab is the same---good

    there is NO ENTRY listed on the 3D tab.

    I click "Add Present"; nothing happens

    I wait one minute and click "Add" instead, n the left

    I get the "Select Station" window; there's no entry in it.

    I kill the window

    The 3D tab immediately shows these three fields in RED:


    Host Name: Visualizer

    Session Member: yes

    User: administrator

    I also tried @ Loopback in MA3D (yes, I restarted the program): nothing

    The little red thingy in upper-left corner of MA3D still explodes every second'!%*@$&#!!!!

    What is a poor soul to do...?

    I'm offically stumped. If someone can tell me what's goin' on, here, there'll be a little somethin' extra in their check next week. :)


  • Are you using the same computer? If yes, you need to use the loopback. This will need to be set on both MA3D (file->settings->network) as well as onPC (setup->MA network control).

    If you are using two different computers, these IP addresses need to be different. That is, if your onPC IP is at, your MA3D session CANNOT be at and, depending on the subnet mask (usually, will need to have the same three numbers and a different last number like

    Also, as this forum is meant for MA3, try posting MA2 questions on facebook groups or in the forum!

  • No Internet for a week!

    Wasn't leavin' you hangin'!

    If your 10-hour day rate is not over $900.00 a day, it should be.

    I'm a writer; I pay attention to how people use words. You may be a forum beginner, but you don't sound like a GMA beginner: concise, well-spoken, methodical, no wasted words, and straight to the fix. After all this is the 3 forum---sorry 'bout that---so, I would expect you to be up to speed; you apparently are.

    Missed that required address change to the 127 thingy in onPc Network Control. OMG....

    That was a big ole bomb. Now now it flies.

    Thank you so much.

    I wish you the best....

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