Split timing

  • Hi all

    I want to do split timing of fixtures in the the same cue. i was shown yesterday on dot 2 roadshow but it seems that i have a short memory.
    i can get the fade time in of the cue but struggle splitting the time over the fixtures
    i have already stored the cue on executor 1

    next step
    select fixtures 1 thru 6
    Store Fade 0 thru 2 Cue 1 Executor 1 please
    then i merge
    but it only gives me a 0s fade

    i am missing something


  • Hey Willie

    I found out ;)

    When you created the cue with your fixture in then:

    Select fixture 1 thru 6

    tap the dimmer or which parameterer your working with

    make shure the there is a active value in the programmer

    type fade 2 thru 8 store or update your cue

    i hope it make sense to you

  • Hey everybody,

    the way Christian describes it is the right one. But please keep in mind that individual timings are an undocumented feature in the dot2.
    So there is no way to see individual timings in your show and to remove them properly.

    We can not recommend to use these timings!