Is there a way to copy the patch of one universe to another?

  • I have a showfile I use for several different halls. Some of these halls have specific houselights that I would not want to patch again everytime, but the dmx footprints overlap. Is there a way to copy the patch of say Universe 1 to universe 51 to 'store' it? So that later I can copy it back again when I am in that vanue again and have everything work...

  • Until PSR here is a workaround using stages.

    • Patch the house lights you want to keep into a Stage and save the patch.
    • Back in the patch window Stages button on the left
    • Select the stage to that you want to save then click on export
    • Choose a name and location to export to

    This saves an xml into the grandMA3\shared\resource\lib_stage of the selected destination

    Then to import back.

    • First make sure you have the Fixture types imported into (patch one of each fixture and delete for example)
    • Select Stages
    • Select the Stage you want to import into. You can import into a populated stage but items will be overwritten (by FID I think) also any duplicate address will be overwritten.
    • Click Import, select the source and file that you saved.

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