Bios screen at start

  • Hi,

    It happens to you (Rarely) that the bios screen associated with the beep (and full fan) appears after 10 seconds after pressing the start button

    In 99% of the times, my bios screen arrives directly after pressing the start ... but in 1% of the times, it happens that the bios take time to appear

    A bug, or normal initialization sequence?


    Grandma3 compact Xt

    Hardware :

    grandMA3 Compact XT

    MSI GS65 RTX2060 I7 16go

    Capture 2021 Symphony edition

  • Hi,

    It happens when the console is not properly shutdown.

    See if you can reproduce it by directly turning it OFF (not recommended normally).

    If yes, then please make sure that you shutdown console properly from next time.

    If the problem occurs even when you shutdown properly, then please contact your distributor.

    Hope that helps,