Varytec Giga Bar 5 LED RGBW

  • Seems there is no fixture library publicly available at the moment. In what mode do you want to use them? According to the manual in 5 channel mode the dmx layout is IRGBW, so you could use the generic IRGBW fixture profile built in MA for that...

    Another option if you want to use the 48 channel mode is to patch 12 Generic RGBW fixtures, since that fixture profile looks like it is just RGBW repeated 12 times. For the 51 channel mode add a generic dimmer channel for global control and leave 2 empty dmx spaces between each bar (so you would have 1xdimmer, 12xRGBW, 2xempty). Ofcourse you can also replace those empty spots by dimmers if you want to use the preprogrammed patterns.

    If you want any of the other modes you could build the fixture profile on your own. MA just recently released the GDTF-share and fixture builder websites: Although from what I can tell the rest of the modes is just automatic patterns and sound-to-light settings.

    Varytec Giga Bar 5 Manual

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