Trying to build a 5x5 Molefay-esque profile

  • I've been trying to build this thing in the fixture builder, but I've been having some problems.

    1.) It won't let me add multiple dimmer channels, which in 25 channel mode, each dmx channel is an individual dimmer.

    2.) I can't seem to figure out how to make the two macro channels work.

    I've attached the user manual for this custom chinese light, can anyone figure out how to put it together or step by step me through it? I'll be using this fixture this weekend and just found out there's no real profile for it.

  • Hi @Ian Paul!

    1) It is not possible to add several attributes from the same type in one fixture type when you are using the fixture builder. You have two options: create the fixture type with the help of the grandMA2 onPC; use 25 single generic dimmers

    2) to add the macro channel please go to the attribute type "Control" and add the attribute "Macro". Then you can create the subattribute "Macroselect".

    Hopefully this helps! If not please contact your local Tech. Support they are happy to help you with the fixture type.


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