New user. Some simple questions (for now)

  • Hey guys.....

    Just a couple of new user/new install questions for the time being, and I'm sure I'll have more as I get used to the new console we installed.

    The two I have at the moment are:

    Is there a method by which the board's little light can been DIMMED? Far too bright in its default state, and I really need to turn it down

    second question, (Again.... New user)

    how how does one make adjustments to the touch screen in regard to brightness????

    thanks for the help, and I'm sure I'll be back with more in the coming few weeks.


    Chris Palazini
    Black Rock Church
    Fairfield, CT

    Christopher Palazini
    Co-Technical Director / Lighting Director
    Black Rock Church, Fairfield, CT

  • Sorry CJPala, this is not possible currently, dimming options for the screens, and the external light are on the Wishlist however. I don't know the priority of it.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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