• Hello,

    Been working with MA3 for awhile now and am enjoying the new features, look, and functionality.

    A big loss for us is the not-yet-implemented RDM protocol/features in MA3.

    Is there a timeline for when we might be seeing it? Some customer installs will require the RDM features and it would be unfortunate to not be able to train them on MA3.

    Thank you for all your work,

    -Brandon M

  • Also I have run across an issue, easily circumvented but perhaps it will help others.

    If you XLR port is set to RDM (turquoise) instead of OUT (green) in MA3, the idle data packet rate is much slower (~500mS or so) when no parameters are changing.

    Some of my fixtures were not receiving commands (reset, etc) properly in this state. Turning the port to mode "OUT" fixed this. I was able to observe the issue on my optosplitter (amber lights flashing every so often in RDM instead of almost constant in OUT mode). Running MA2 with RDM on or off, the data refresh is always 'fast' (almost constantly lit amber DATA lights).

    Guessing this is a byproduct of the MA3 RDM feature set not yet implemented and won't be an issue in the future.


  • The XLR mode Out sends now DMX packets with a refresh rate of 30Hz. The XLR mode RDM remains unchanged: If DMX values are changed, they are send immediately. If there are no changes of DMX values, then refresh packets will be send with a rate of 2.1Hz.

    The XLR mode Out is now the default when starting a new show. There may be lighting fixtures that are not capable of the low refresh rate of 2.1Hz in the RDM mode. It is then recommend to switch the XLR mode to Out.

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