Timecode disaster

  • Version should fix an issue with Timcode settings.

    Unfortunately it also wipes out all Events in all Timecodes! (Tracks are still there)

    All my Art-net configuration is gone too.

    So...how do I downgrade this thing?

    Can I just install again?

    (On second look I noticed that the Events are technically still there but they have been moved to 0s)

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  • Thanks DanielK.

    Regarding the actual Timecode problem it's been confirmed that this is a bug and the workaround is to export the Timecodes in v1.1.3.2 and then import them in v1.1.4.2

    The syntax to do so is:


    cd timecode (you have to be in the right data-pool)

    select drive 2 (USB-Stick)

    export 1 thru 4 "MyTimecodes"

    cd root


    cd timecode

    select drive 2

    list lib -->should show you the timecode library on the usb stick, if "MyTimecode" is not there please export a timecode on this version as well

    import lib "MyTimecodes.xml" at 5

    cd root

    (Thanks to Max at MA support)

  • All my Art-net configuration is gone too.

    The configuration of DMX Protocols and the Output Configuration are not part of the show file. They are living on the station for each version (major.minor.streaming.ui, but UI version can be ignored) by their own.

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