SYNC in encoder bar

  • With "Sync" in the encoder bar you define if all your phasers across different attributes in your programmer shall be running synchronized or not.

    You can set sync also per cue when playing back a sequence.

    (In grandMA2 this was called AE = Assert Effect per cue and in the programmer you could use the command SyncEffects)

  • You are running a 2 step position phaser with an up a down position.

    Then you want to start a 2 step color phaser with red and blue. You want to have a color when the lights are up and the other color when the lights are down.

    Without sync you would have to start the second phaser right now in the moment where the lights are up (or down).

    With sync enabled you can start the second phaser at any moment and it will automatically synchronize the color phaser to the position phaser.

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