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  • I have my house lights in a sequence on a fader. Is there a way to disable a sequence from being recorded? I know other desks (and probably MA2) have a "disable" feature per cuelist.

  • I don't want to be able to store anything else into that cue and I also don't want the house light levels store in any other cue if that fader is up.

  • You can lock the sequence: type "Lock Sequence #" into your command line (or type Lock and then tap the Sequence in question - make sure you're locking the Sequence and not the Executor). This will prevent any changes from being made to the content or settings of the Sequence.

    For the second part of your question, if your Store Options are set to Active (which they would be by default unless you changed it), the levels from running Sequences wouldn't be included in the Store operation anyway. Of course that doesn't prevent you from activating the houselights manually. A few options you have are:

    • Give the houselights a Custom ID (e.g. you could give them a Houselights ID) and remove their Fixture ID. This will prevent you from selecting them when you type "Fixture Thru". And you could also mask them out of your Fixture sheet.
    • Use a World that doesn't include the Houselights. Select all your fixtures except the houselights, store a new World, and select that World. Now you won't be able to program with the houselights at all, though you'll still be able to play back your houselights sequence as normal.
    • Use Input Filters on your other Sequences. Make a world the same way you would have in the previous option, but instead of going into that world, apply that as an Input Filter on any sequence you make going forward (you could even make it a default Sequence setting), which would prevent you from storing anything outside that world into the Sequence.

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