conditional expressions in macros

  • Hello everyone,

    Is there a way to build conditional expressions with user vars or global vars for a macro like the square brackets in gma2?

    i want to do something like if uservar x == 4 then do this else do that.


  • Hey Guys,

    this is from June 2020 and the topic still isn´t implemented yet.

    When can we expect it to be implemented ?

    Lua may be nice but its pretty unhandy if you want to get things solved quick and dirty or on the fly.

    Kindly regards


  • Is it though? A simple Lua line in a command takes about 2 seconds to write to achieve this.

    Lua is far superior to Macros. The console has evolved and we as programmer kind of need to develop our skills with it and work in new, better ways.

    Just as we did when moving from not having Macros to having them…

  • lua does the job for now. but having a loadbar every script run is not what i call a good user experience.

    running a lua script nonblocking in the backround would be helpful.

    the documentation of the grandma 3 specific lua commands is lousy and the integrated editor of the console not like a good programming environment. syntax highlighting should be standard.

    and in my optinion macros are the way to go for the daily problems, lua if your client pays for the specials.

  • Macros WERE the day to day go to.

    But new console, new decade, new possibilities, we really need to be be embracing lua in 2022.

    It’s super easy to learn, cleaner and quicker to edit, more powerful and unlocks far more possibilities if you choose to go deep.

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