Pan and Tilt Fine Channels Causing Jitter

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to Dot 2 and I'm really enjoying it so far. However an issue I'm having is my fixtures are moving in a jittery way. It seems to be that the pan and tilt fine channels are jumping back and forth between 0 and 255 causing this jitter. To be fair they are some generic eBay chinese moving head spots but I think the issue could be corrected. Is there a way to either bypass the fine channels or make Dot 2 control them in a different manner.


  • I haven't noticed a jitter in the movements through the fine channels in any fixture so far. I would rather guess on the fixture or the fixture file. If you use the FixtureEditor to change the file and delete the fine attribute channels?

    There are so many software parts of the GrandMA2 running behind the dot2 user interface that I hardly believe that this is a software problem.

    In general it is always helpful to name the fixture and what kind of fixture file you are using.



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