MA3 ONpc use with MA1 NSP ?

  • Before I dive into using MA3 ONpc, I'm curious if my GMA1 Network Signal Processor will work once networked in much like GMA2 ONpc does currently

    I do most of my Pre-Vis work using L8 (Light Converse) via my laptop and have a GMA1 NSP in line with MA2 ONpc via my desktop. This allows the L8 software to work. Anyone have an answer ? ... tried it yet? ..... helpful tips on what to expect?

    Purchase of GMA3 node/hardware of course would be best, but not in the budget currently. That will happen a bit down the road.

    Look forward to any/all input from everyone. Thank You!

  • NSPs do not add parameters to a gMA3 onPC system, but can be used in Art-Net mode if you have the parameters from gMA3 onPC hardware.

    Thats what I was suspecting before moving any further. Currently my setup using L8 Pre-Vis along with MA2 ONpc on my desktop needs the MA1 NSP in-line to recognize L8 software. Was hoping I could just use the in place NSP to start learning/move forward with MA3 while at home and in my office. I do wish MA Lighting still allowed L8 (and some other previs softwares) to work along with MA2, and of course now MA3 ONpc, without having to purchase more externals.

    Thanxs for the heads up Ryan. Much appreciated!

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