Desk Clock Issue

  • Hello, it's the clock problem shown on the attached photo. The clock pretty fast than other clocks. I've measured 6 seconds difference in around 15 hours, 9-10 seconds difference in one full day. Isn't it so strange that kind issue happens on an expensive professional device which is we connect all of our lighting system in TV studio for live programs? Hope to see an acceptable explanation from the technical guys, thanks..

  • To my knowledge, the not quite accurate clocks in computer technology are an old story. I think, if you would forbid your phone to use all network connections for one day, you would find a comparable deviation there as well. In computer networks it is recommended to poll a time server every 3600 seconds to keep the individual participants synchronous. If you would analyze the network traffic of the phone, you would surely find the corresponding queries.

    In our club, the dot2 is not in any network, so it has no way to correct the time automatically. Whether the software could do this theoretically is beyond my knowledge. I don't have the console in front of me, but there is no way to name a time server in my head.

    This is just the thoughts of another user.



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