Skip/Offset patch address

  • Hi

    what is the syntax to patch multiple fixtures and skipping a certain amount of addresses?

    Per instance patching 3 Dimmers starting at 1.1 with an offset of 4 would be:

    Dimmer 1 at 1.1

    Dimmer 2 at 1.5

    Dimmer 3 at 1.10


  • Unfortunately the Offset button does not exist yet.

    If it was really a thing a cheat would be to patch a dimmer, delete it, then patch some (any) 4 channel fixtures and set their DMX addresses as needed. Once patched lasso select all the fixture types (and names) of the dummy 4 channel fixtures and change them back to Dimmers and Bingo :)

    It is a cheat but could save you a ton of typing, and I think it would still work after you have presets, but you would have to test that.

  • FYI, in the original example, addresses of 1,5,10 aren't the same offset - you have an offset of 4 and then an offset of 5.

    • An offset of 4 would be 1..5..9..13..
    • An offset of 5 would be 1..6..11..16