Multi instance fixtures in the online manual.

  • Hi. As Lightpower have done a multi instance fixture webinar in German 2 weeks ago I think it is time to tell the rest of the world how to do it as well. I still find the online manual very basic and not helpful at all when it comes to multi instance fixtures.

  • Hi Pyroaxel,
    thanks a lot for this feedback. The manual is under constant development. Of course we know that there are topics that could and should and will be described more in detail. We are working on it.

    But regarding the fixture types we are currently developing a grandMA3 Fixture Training which will be available in the next few weeks in the MA E-learning. I think this will help all of us to dive more into the world of fixture types in general :-).

  • Thank you Daniel.

    Posting your Lightpower tutorial for demand was very helpfull, and I understood most of it even though I do not speek german as most of it is common MA language.
    A mesh viewport like the one in GDTF builder would be fantastic in Fixture types. Any plans for that?

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