Macro fade delay times

  • Hi can anyone help me with this? My desire is to select a group of fixtures, press a macro which will input fade and delay times in to the programmer and then I can select a preset and see the preset happen in the selected timing. I want to do this so i can quickly look at different presets with different fade and delay timing without storing a seq.

    I ran in to a few issues.

    1) I have some macros which will put fade and delay times in to the programmer.

    Select featuregroup “color”

    On featuregroup “color”

    Delay 0 thru 3 thru 0

    It all works good.

    If i have a popup in the macro it does not accept the thru syntax only a single numeric value.

    Select featuregroup “color”

    On featuregroup “color”

    delay (Delay Time)

    It works if i enter a single value "2" but not if i enter "0 thru 2 thru 0" in the popup window.

    2) Second problem once I apply the timing and go to the preset it will use the timing in the preset even if no timing is recorded in the preset.

    so fixture 1 thru 10 , macro applies individual fade and delay times to fixtures in the programmer, recall position preset with no timing record in the preset and the lights move in zero time.

    If there is no timing values in the preset should it not take the timing applied to the fixtures in the programmer?