UV attribute and White

  • Good morning Hive mind,

    I was wondering if this was an issue or me not understanding something.

    What I'm doing at the minute is adapting some of my macro from Ma2 to Ma3
    I'm working on my macro color and I bump into an issue with fixture that only have RGBW color.
    my macro auto generate RGBW AMB UV preset.
    what I discover is that if the fixture has channel W but not the UV , the UV attribute will have an effect on the W channel and vis versa.

    In this macro line I use has an example I select a RGBW fixture group and say that I want a store the UV, you will see that the color White will be store even knowing the UV is not a channel that the fixture has :

    Group(Group Name and Not the Number); Att 77 at 0 ; att 78 at 0 ; att 79 at 0 ; att 89 at 0 ; att 83 at 0 ; att 92 at 100 ; Store preset 4.1

    am I doing something wrong ?

    PS: The same issue occur with AMB channel ( att 83 )


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  • Do you have patched any fixture with UV patched in your show?

    At the moment it works like this: When you address an attribute that is not patched in your show, the value will be applied to the selected attribute (Which is the last attribute you touched).

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