• Hi guys

    it is possible, like grandma2, to have separated views in each of the screens?, I notice that If I press the view "fixture", for example, in each screen shows me the same view in all screens, and If I modify that in for example screen 3 im currently doing it in all other screens.

  • when you open a new file, the views to the right that are in the place of the MA2 'viewbuttons,' are referenced from pool view items and are applied to all screens.

    to create your own views for different screens, just delete these views and create your own.

  • The reason is because each of the default View Bar Items are actually the same view pool items Except for Screens 5 and 6.

    To illustrate this if you open a View Pool window you will notice that there is only one Fixture View by default, but that pool item is referenced on each Displays View Bar.

    So To fix this you can delete the View Bar item, this will not delete the view pool item but it's reference on the Bar. Then save your new view and you will notice in the View Pool Window that you have a new view that you can assign to any other View Bar.

    The other thing to note is if you only store a single display in a view pool item it will show up on whatever display it is called from. For example, Store a Macro View on Display 1, then assign and press that View on Display 2 and notice what you stored on Display 1 gets created on Display 2.

    It could be really helpful if they displayed the View Index on the View bar so you could understand they they are really the same item.

    Lastly to make things a little more confusing its possible to have more then one View Pool item with the exact name Label.

    For example on my default show I have a clock button on screens 5 and 6 but since they are different sized i have two different pool items for them, I could name them Clock and Clock S6 like they do on the default but I'd rather them both just say Clock, so that means I need to remember or use an appearance to make sure I put the correct one on the correct screen.

  • Thank you that was super helpful

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