Groupmaster Stuck at 100%

  • Hi everyone,

    while programming my Groupmasters suddenly got stuck at 100%. Moving the assigned Faders hast no effect. When using Toggle the assigned Fader on the Command Wing moves to either 0% or 100%, but the Value in the Software stays 100%.

    After changing the Value via EditOption the Groupmaster snaps instantly back to 100%. Changing the Group Mode has no effect.

    Any ideas?


  • Hi /Max,

    I couldn't re-create this problem; no matter what, I'm always able to change the value of the Group Master, either through EditOption or through the master assigned on the executors. I'd assume it's something to do with the showfile.

    Which software version and operating system are you using?

    Could you send your showfile to



  • Hi Luke,

    I've just emailed the Showfile.

    Software Version is

    Operating System is Windows 10