Phaser Color Integrate

  • Hello i created a phaser with 4 color preset:

    I select my fixture group MA key integrate the first color preset then 2/1 MA key integrate the second etc ...

    then store in 21.x.

    Until the no problem, it works.

    I store it in an exec luis affect a speed, ... etc no problem.

    but when I want to change a color preset live the color preset goes to multi while I store it in overwrite.

    the phaser does not update except for the 1/4?

    I have to stop the phaser store my color change and the phaser starts again takes the changes

    very annoy for a live config.


    For that you would have to change the phaser 21.x preset ?

    :thumbdown:for a live config.

    is there another way to do it? :rolleyes:

  • I'm not 100% sure what you might be running into but I just tried this and it works with and without blind and with

    Stored 4 color presets

    Group 1

    Integrate Preset 4.1

    Next Step

    Integrate Preset 4.2

    Store Preset 21.1


    Group 1 At full

    At Preset 21.1

    Store Page 1.201


    Go+ Page 1.201


    Group 1

    Integrate Preset 4.3

    Next Step

    Integrate Preset 4.4

    Store Preset 21.1 /Overwrite



    The Preset gets the correct color icon, but sometimes only the last preset as the auto name.

  • Hi Riri, enable the single step, open phaser editor view delete step 2 thru.... chnage the color value, then update or store the color preset you wish to change. So far it work for me.

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  • The other way will be select the fixture or group, apply the color preset needed to update or change before editing the value. After done with the editing store/merge or update will do. Hope it will help you on this.

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