Individual fade and delay times

  • Hello,


    When I store a cue with individual delay or fade times for an attribute it will keep these values until I change it back again. is this a bug? And if not, is there a way around it because it is really annoying..

    For example: I create a delay dimmer sweep accros my whole rig. I create a on and off cue, both with the same delat times, great and easy. But after that I keep on programming and in the next sequence I store al my fixtures will keep this individual delay times. Thus for now I have to store a sequence with all my fixtures with the delay time zero, run it, and delete. All this to have everything at zero again..

    Thanks in advance!

  • Yes, programmer is Clear. And indeed, When the sequence is fully off the values are gone aswell. Butt that means that firing a sequence puts value in the programmer, wich I think is not something you would want because it only complicates things.

    Futhermore, When you are programming a tracking Cue-list you will always run the sequence while programming from Cue to Cue. So in a theatrical setting you will always have this problem.. To me it would be more logical to reset all these values because it is clearer. You will always know what you are storing that way, and, how big is the change that you want to program the same individual delay or fade in the next Cue, or 5 Cue's after that?

  • Firing a sequence does not put values into the programmer. Furthermore, activating a fixture or an attribute of a fixture takes all values of all layers (Absolute, relative, fade, delay, etc.) into the programmer where a value that is not the default value is output.

  • I am programming a cue to cue show and this is happening. I've had to default my programmer time to 0 to keep working as "normal". Very annoying issue as this is not normal for programmer based lighting consoles.

  • The MA3 is it’s own unique console and works in its own way.

    If it worked just the same as everything else there would be no point in it existing.

    Also remember that everything in the console exists because someone (in reality multiple people) asked for it.

  • Multiple people might have asked for this, but now multiple people finds it maybe worth a second thought?

    As mentioned by Heart Lighting, working on a tracking sequence this is most likely not what I want.

    I have the same problem with phasers getting active - but can see that useful in other situations.

    An option to turn off this auto-grabbing so WE can decide what to store in next cue would be great!
    (Encoder Link Values "Not at all" ?)

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