RUNPLUGIN commandline issues

  • Not sure all of this is a "bug" but it's just not explained and a little confusing. The new onPC "SHOW" and "RUNPLUGIN" command line issues seem to have some undocumented restrictions.

    The basic Syntax is (this is technically incorrect and I'll explain below):

    "C:\Program Files\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.1.3\bin\app_system.exe" HOSTType=onPC SHOW="" RUNPLUGIN="AutoPlugin.xml"-1

    • If you specify a RUNPLUGIN with a non existent plugin the software will boot loop. for example RUNPLUGIN="MissingPlugin.xml"-1
    • If you specify an incorrect Plugin component the console will bootloop. for example -2 when only one component exists.
    • If you specify only a RUNPLUGIN an empty show with the name of the previous show will be opened and the plugin is run.
    • If you specify both SHOW and RUNPLUGIN the console will load an empty show with the name you specified on the command line and the plugin will run.
    • If you specify only a SHOW all's right with the world.

    Reading though the release notes and manual again it seems RUNPLUGIN and SHOW are kind of mutually exclusive, so I guess you are supposed to load the show with the plugin. That is fine but it stops you from using a common plugin for multiple shows without jumping through some hoops.

    I'm sure there was a reason for making these options either or, but it might be helpful if you could load the either the previous or command line specified show and run a selected plugin. Perhaps there is a LUA LoadLastShow() command I haven't found yet :)

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