Delete Cue only

  • Hi!

    I'm not able to delete a cue cue-only? Is this not implemented yet?

    Also I'm looking for a setting that the last user logged-in is also the user again after startup - on OnPC.



  • For the first you can do the following on the command line:

    Delete Cue 3 /CO or Delete Sequence 1 Cue 3 /CueOnly

    I'm not sure it's on the UI let though?

    As for the second, that's not implemented yet (ending up as Guest is annoying for sure :) ). I had an idea for a Lua Plugin that loads the last logged in user since startup Plugins were introduced in 1.1 for onPC. It kind of works, but had issues, and there seem to be bugs with the "SHOW" and "RUNPLUGIN" command line options that can cause the software to either boot loop or load an empty show.

  • Hmm. I tested the /CO this morning and it seemed to have worked.

    I just tried it again here and it's not working via command line:

    • Fixture 1 full ; store cue 1
    • At 50 ; store cue 2
    • store cue 3
    • delete cue 2 /cueonly (or /co)

    Cue 3 is now tracking at 100 rather than stored at 50

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