MA3 Fixture Library

  • I have found the easiest way is to build it on the desk using Menu > Patch > Fixture Types > Insert New Fixture Type.

    You can edit that and create the definition for your fixture. At this point you are best patching something similar and editing it to see how it all works . Most of the work you will do is in DMX modes tab, while the Models and Geometries tabs are there for the 3D representation. of the fixture.

    Once you have your fixture type created you can export it to your stick to save it off the console. but once it's there you can patch it.

    I last built a profile in 1.0 and there was a very good chance of crashing the desk while editing the profile, I haven't tested since but Save Early Save Often!

    If you have a really large profile (like a media server) you might get good at editing XML since it can be much faster once you have a framework down. but to start just make it on the desk.

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