DOT2 onPC scheduling with Crestron?

  • Hi Guys I'm working on a system with a DOT2 Node4 and 4 light fixture for a stage.

    The owner is now adding a 44 rgb led fixture to the area's entrance and want to connect it to the DOT2

    They're hoping to schedule these lights so that they will work automatically into different preset at specific time of date.

    like weekdays all white, weekends daytime blue and weekends night yellow beam.

    I guess this is not grandMA designed for (if DOT2 onPC can do this please let me know), since we already have a crestron processor for major control, i wonder if it can interface with DOT2 so that crestron will manage the schedule and call different scenes at DOT2.

    i saw…es/DIN-SACN-DMX has this model that might be useful, has anyone had similar application?

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