2portnode2K Grandma3 - Status locked Standalone

  • Hello, HELP ||||||

    I have a problem with my 2portnode2k on grandma3 on pc (Mac book pro).

    The names Ok, the address iP Ok (laptop / 2portnode 2k, locations Local.


    • the status of the laptop is IdeMaster and that of the 2portnode2K is Standalone,
    • Prio laptop normal / prio 2portnode2K Never,
    • Enable YES,
    • Session index laptop 0 / 2portnode2K None,
    • Session slot laptop 31 / 2portnode2K None,
    • Same version,
    • same prefix.
    • Laptop is green, 2portnode2K is gray.
    • How can I change the status of 2portnode2K.

    • HELP, =O=O=O
    • thank you very much.
    • STEPHAN.
  • Where did You get theese IP-Adresse from? Normally these in 169.x.x.x are there, when there is no IP-Adress configured or no DHCP in the Network. Did You try manually with 192.x.x.x IP-Adresses?

    And don't forget the correct Subnet in 192-Networks must be:

    So e.g. ist Your Mac and the Node ist Maybe that solves Your problem 'automatically'...

    And remember: The first three 'digitparts' (i don't know how i translate that form German in correct technical english) must be the same in 192-Networks! If you're working in ArtNet-IPs, then you can use 2.x.x.x and the SubNet-Mask is what means only the first digit has to be the same on all adresses. So and will work together.

    Soryy, i'm not very familiar in MA2/3 at present. I'm still learning (i worked with Chamsys). But i know a lot about networking...

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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