• I'm wrapping my head around the whole Appearance Pool now and getting around to making my first actual show file how I want it (for now) but is there a way to remove the default appearances for some pool objects like Gobos, Dimmer and Colors?

    For example, if I create a "red" appearance which turns the whole tile red and try to assign it to my red preset, the original red circle still stays on top of the red tile. Same thing if I assign a color to any gobo preset, the gobo symbol is still on top of that appearance color. Is there a way to remove these? I'm just trying to create a "cleaner" look as many fixture types do not have the same properties to get to certain colors so the circle of "cyan" has many parts of off-cyan that are rather annoying...


  • A workaround to get the Color or Gobo Preset circle to go away by importing a transparent png into an Appearance, then using the Background Color to change the color as you like. The foreground will do nothing since the image is transparent.

    Note the default Appearance 14 - Transparent wont work since it does not have a image applied and the gobo or color circle will show back up. but you could apply your transparent Image to that item and it will force the foreground image to disappear as well.

    If you want to change the default appearance of a layout item you can edit the Layout Pool item and change the item appearance to anything in the pool. if nothing is selected then it will be the default appearance.

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