• Hi folks! I can't figure out how to create a cue, effect or whatever to run sound to light i.e. for fixtures.
    If somebody can explain how to "connect" Sound input to something, so far I have only one nice looking
    screen with waveforms and bars =O

  • Hi ManuJ,
    as long as you can see in the "Sound Input Configuration" Screen your incoming Audio Signal,
    you know that the console has recognized the Signal.
    Now Switch the Trigger of your cue(s) from the Default Setting "go" either to "Sound or to "BPM".
    This is the link you´re after.
    have a look if this works for you.

  • Hi Michael -and thanks. This works as a workaround but I was looking for solution to do kind of "old fashiened sound to light". For exaple to trigger strobes to do lightning -effect as I have kind of thunderstorm going on the show. I've got a feeling that't not doable? Or is it?

    Cheers ManuJ

  • Thanks Lars as well. I'm just lazy so I was looking something like in the good old days was easy to build with fixtures that had microphones built in...

  • Good evening Ian Paul,
    the audio in is automatticaly routed to your PC. So if you play music on iTunes or whatever just "open" the intensitiy a little bit in the audio input view. Normally you should see the waves in the screen.

  • Thanks for the help everyone! I figured out how to route audio back into my PC as a record.

    For people who are having the same problem as I was in Windows 10, right click on your Volume Mixer and open up Recording Devices.

    You want to make sure the Stereo Mix option is enabled, so your PC recognizes your PC audio as a record in.

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