Using PluginVars()

  • How are PluginVars() used?

    At first I thought it might have been used like GlobalVars or LocalVars but doesn't work.

    local v = PluginVars()
    SetVar(v, "BestBeer", "Guinness")
    local x = GetVar(v, "BestBeer") -- Err: GetVar wrong Parameter #1

    Then I realized that PluginVars() is of type Plugin Preferences and not Variables like the others and its name is set to the name of the Plugin, So I'm guessing its a reference to the Plugin Object itself?

    I tried messing around with it for a bit but not kind of nowhere.

    PluginVars("Beer", "Guinness")
    local x = PluginVars("Beer")
    Echo( -- Beer :/

    Just wondering how/if it can be used.


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