Can´t assign Image to a Macro in layoutview

  • From the command line this also seems to work:

    Set Layout 1 Property "CanvasAppearance" "Macro"

    Where Maco is the name of the Appearance. or.

    Set Layout 1 Property "CanvasAppearance" 1

    Where 1 is the index of the Appearance.

  • My Bad.

    Ryan is right.

    But you can also do it from the command line via:

    Set Layout x.y Property Appearance z

    x = Layout

    y = Item on the layout

    z= appearance index.

    The trick is to use the List command and try to figure out how the tree structure looks.

    For example if you enter List Layout 1 and that layout has two elements is will show NO: 1 (2) the 1 is it's index and the (2) is how many children it has. So from there you can try List Layout 1.1 or List Layout 1.2 to get the details on the sub items.

  • This process is a little bit of a mess to work out but I'll give you my thinking:

    First set the image of an appearance manually. Then List Appearance 1

    You will notice that in the listing of the appearance there is an appearance property. and it has a path like structure something like:

    ShowData.ImagePools.Custom.<name of image>

    The way the desk structures its information is in a path like structure, like on a computer.

    In this case the image is coming from the ShowData/ImagesPools/Custom "folder"

    The neat thing is you can refer to these paths in two ways. by name or by index.

    So to figure out the indexes you just need to walk down the tree. Now if we are currently at the root the command line should show something like Admin[Fixture]>. if your not at the root you can get there by typing cd root. From here we can get a listing of all the stuff at this path (aka the root) my typing List this gives you a listing of all the objects at this level.

    Next you can find one with the name "ShowData". Note it's number 11 This is the index of the ShowData path.

    you can get into the ShowData path either by name or number

    CD ShowData or CD 11 then you can do a listing and find the next interesting part.

    You can also concatenate the paths together by using the dot.

    So with all of that the short answer is:

    Set Appearance 1 Property Appearance ""

    I'll let you figure out why :)

    I have a feeling this might change in the future, or that's just how it works.

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