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  • Either I'm doing something wrong, or it just doesn't work right but I have two shows, both onPC with a command wing. In the first show, I made all the screen views how I want under my new user profile (Cole) with a new screen configuration.

    Two questions:

    1) How do I name the new screen configuration so it's something other than "ScreenConfig 3"?

    2) If I start a new show, under the same user profile with the same screen configuration (on the same PC), all the screen views go back to their default look. Why is that? How can I make the same screen views "default" for my user profile on any show (and any console after exporting my user profile)?

  • Hi Cole,

    For labeling a screenconfig:

    • List Screenconfig
      • to see which one you need
    • Label Screenconfig x "NewName"
      • x = whichever screenconfig it is you wanted to label

    For bringing views over:

    1. Load the show that already has your userprofile with the views you want
      • Make sure the userprofile you think has the views is the one that actually has the views in it
    2. Go to Settings -> User Configuration -> Profiles
    3. Tap on the UserProfile in question
    4. Press {Export} at the bottomLoad the show you want your profile in
    5. Go to Settings -> User Configuration -> Profiles
    6. Press {Import} at the bottom and choose the profile you want
    7. Go to {User} (on the left)Create a new user, assign your newly-imported profile to it, assign the desired screenconfig to it
    8. Login as that user

    As I mentioned in your facebook post, I've tried these exact steps and had everything work as I expect in v1.1.3.2

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