Run Macro on start console

  • I haven't tried this yet but in 1.1 they added the ability to run a plugin at startup. Roundabout way That plugin could start a macro.

    I don't think it's possible on the console yet though.


    It is possible to specify a show file or a plugin that is to be be loaded upon starting the onPC application.

    To do so, add the SHOW or RUNPLUGIN parameter to the shortcut that launches the onPC application:

    • "C:\Program Files\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.1.3\bin\app_system.exe" HOSTTYPE=onPC SHOW=""
    • "C:\Program Files\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.1.3\bin\app_system.exe" HOSTTYPE=onPC RUNPLUGIN="startplugin.xml"-x
      • x represents the number of the LUA component in the plugin that is to be started, e.g., 1
      • It is not recommend to specify a path for the plugin although the plugin may be put into a subfolder.

    In addition, the optional parameters NOLOAD and CLEANSTART are also available when starting the onPC.

    • NOLOAD will not load the last show file but start with an empty show. Other device related configurations are kept.
    • CLEANSTART will reset device related configuration back to default and come up with an empty show file.
  • Any other news on this? Trying to do a startup command to "login" as soon as a file is loaded like we were able to do in MA2 under the "Playbacks and MIB Timing" menu. Was hoping it was in MA3 under the "Preferences and Timing" menu but can't seem to find it anywhere...

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