bug layout origine

  • I have a problem with the layout

    on DimensionX 0 DimensionY 0 DimensionW 1920 DimensionH 1080

    when I put an element in 0 0 of 100 100 it is found in the center and not in the top right of the image

    on image 3 and 4 we can see the offset -950 X and 450 Y?

  • It's a Cartesian Plane with the origin set to the center. Don't think it's a bug. This allows you to freely resize the layout without messing up the positioning.

    Same way the 3D View works.

    I think you You can also change the origin by setting the Layout Dimension X to Width/2 the width and the Dimension Y to Height/2

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  • If you do that it puts you in the -X and -Y quadrant of the Cartesian Plane Making your 0,0 point the top right thus making all the numbers negative within the layout.

    Actually thinking of it the best you can do it make the 0,0 the bottom left my adding 960 and 540. thus all the numbers you enter are positive.

    You need to think of all objects origin as the center of the object. Dimension X and Y move the center of the object, not it's origin. So in order to move the layout Up and to the right you need to transform it 960 on the X and 540 Y

  • Your command looks mangled but I don't know that the property names for DimentionX/Y/W/H are I tried a few things but none of them worked.

    But Name, Column and Row and I'm sure others work.

    Something like this happened to me when I way trying to affect Appearances, but they were missing from the Listing altogether.

    Not sure. I'm sure someone knows though.


    Nevermind I just can't spell apparently.

    Set Layout 1 Property 'DimensionX' 960

    Set Layout 1 Property 'DimensionY' 540

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