• Hy,

    i think i found a bug:

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    MAtricks: GroupX 2

    Step1: [Odd] Red(C1), Beam Open,

    [Even] White(C1), Beam Strobe

    Step2: vice versa

    Problem: The target of the Transition is not C1 instead It changes the CMY values.

    Correct me if I am wrong.^^

  • These attributes are all linked to the same activation group (Menu - Patch - Attribute Definitions).

    And I think, you did not disable any attribute in the At-filter (At-Filter button in the command line or press and hold the At key).

    Therefore, the actual result is correct.

    You can now modify the activation group or disable the ColorRGB attributes before turning the transition encoder in order to modify only the transition for C1.

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