How to lock the usb flash drive

  • This is a little heavy handed but it seems to work.

    Basically it's a LUA plugin that checks the attached disks for a Removeable[sic] disk and ejects it every second.

    So let's say you want the ability to walk away from the desk for a while but leave it unlocked, You start this plugin and every second if someone puts in a USB stick it ejects it. When you come back to the desk you can run the command SetGlobalVar "EjectUSB" 2 and the plugin will stop. you could change name to something less conspicuous.

    Unfortunately the user can also just run the Restart and that will also stop the plugin. It also won't stop someone who knows what they are doing or looking for.

    It might just be easier to give your profile a password logout and into Guest, or something .

  • thank you```

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