Problem with converted/fixture-share-imported fixtures MA3 onPC

  • Hi again,

    In MA3 onPC I have problems with imported and converted MA2-fixtures. The fixture for Varytec Easy Move mini Beam Wash 19 channel in general works fine, but shows no beams in the 3D-window.

    The other is the fixture for eurolite LED Super Strobe ABL (a combined blinder, strobe and color wash). It has channels for shutters with 256 values. 0 to 8 results in an open, values 9 to 255 are controlling the shutter speed. At least the should! Whatever value above 8 I give in these channels it shows never more than 8! Please help!

    Greets from the island Amrum


  • Oh, sorry for that maybe "OT-Question": but how do I convert from MA2 Fixture (XML-Files) to MA2-Fxtures (PXML-Files) that work with MA3?

    I've only been on Amrum two times in my life. But i really love Föhr from where You can see Amrum! :) Greetings to Amrum!

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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