Hardware for onPC Windows / Hardware of onPC command wing XT console

  • Hi everybody, during the todays gm3 basic webinar I was asking for the hardware especially the inbuild processor. As far as I understood the command wing XT is a command wing with an Windows computer.

    I'm using for my personal training and for the shows of Amrum Touristik (if there will be any during this Corona year) a 2port node and GMA3 onPC on a Intel NUC8i5 having four cores and using at least two monitors, one full HD multitouch and one UHD without touch. So far with few fixtures in use it works fine. Would that equipment strong enough for more?

    Greets, Wolfgang!

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  • Hi Wolfgang,

    you'll find here the System Requirements for onPC with the minimum and recommend

    hardware properties.

    There you'll see that the graphic card (Memory) amongs others is very important for a smooth running 3D.

    Depending to your hardware, especially the graphic card the system is working more or less powerfull.

    Greets, Guido

  • Oh, i'm interested in similar topics. Hopefully my writng is not to much off-topic now...

    I've got some older NUCs with i5 and MA3 on PC said: NO! But that's ok sofar.

    But as i want to invest in MA3 onPC soon: What might really be inside the onPC XT? It has 4 Monitor Outputs! But it is highly recommended to use only Dispplays with real DisplayPort-Inputs what is not 'standard' right now... And they say, that you should never use DP to HDMI Adapters - really?

    And is the XT Wing really based on a Windows PC? So is it possibel to install more Software on it or ist it 'closed' for other Software?

    I'm just thinking if i should by an XT Wing or build my own system with my 'old' 2014 Mac i7 (16GB Ram but Intel onBoard Video-Card) and what kind of smallformat PC should i have to look for if the Mac won't be good enough for another 5 Years perhaps?

    I like the NUCs very much. But most of them have only the onboard Intel grafic-card. But is there any miniPC out there which will satisfy the needs of a MA3 onPC user likely as much as the onPC Wing XT? Because the price is really 'hot' if i choose the XT... and is there so much 'need' to have this system?

    Or can i better buy a Wing and a PC and a 2K-Node (for 4096 Par) and will have a very good and stable and powerful compact system to? Oh, i want a system that is really for use on the road to. Not only as a fixed installation on a beautiful island like Amrum. ;)

    But i will need a case anyway. But should i plan to build a small PC (+ Wing, etc) in it or should i better only plan to put an XT Wing (and Monitor etc.) in it?

    Because i will be more flexible with an external PC, but the system might be more powerful (and reliable) if it is from MA... But i can still not really understand why the price is that high when there seems to be nothing more than an about 1000 Euro PC (and 2048 Parameters) added to the wing... is the price more 'MA-politically interested' or is it really worth that?

    So, here's a piece of an answer to my own question:

    I decided to buy a onPC-wing (not XT) and a 2k-onPC-Node. With that, i will be more flexible in the future.

    But there is stil the question what PC will fit my (and MA3's) needs in the future? I found a small Gigabyte Brix PC with a dedicated Grafic-Card and a i7 6th Generation CPU. The NUCs are good, but they have not really good grafic-cards in them.

    But would a PC with a GTX 950 and 4GB of VRam good enough even for the future or should i better take the one with i7 7th Gen. and the GTX 1060 with 6GB of Ram? Or might that be a little bit "oversized" for MA3 onPC Software?

    Does anyone know what hardware (CPU and Grafic-Card) is in the real Consoles or in the XT?

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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  • So, as nobody answered, I helped myself and bought the used Brix PC with 4GB Vram Grafics-Card. And I am very happy with that! A 4K 28" Touchscreen works as well as 3 other connected Screens (2 of them with touch) with a maximum off Full-HD Resolution. And the PC is not even getting really loud due to its ventilation :)

    After about three weeks, there was an answer from MA for my question about what is in the XT or Consoles. And here is what they told me:

    "bitte entschuldige unsere späte Antwort!

    Die Hardware der Konsole möchten wir vorerst nicht veröffentlich sehen.

    Beide Systeme die du vorschlägst erfüllen die Hardware Specs.

    Vermutlich ist es besser die größere Grafikkarte zu nehmen, gerade wenn es um das 3D geht.

    Am Besten solltest Du 16GB RAM verbauen.

    Wenn du mehr Software parallel laufen lassen möchtest, dann gerne auch noch mehr RAM.

    Die grandMA3 onPC Software benutzt die Hardware genauso wie die Konsolen.

    Daher verschiebt sich keine Auslastung hin zu einer anderen Komponente."

    So for them who can't read or understand German: Take a Computer with as much as possible Ram (more than 16GB won't be bad...), CPU and Grafics-Power (and VRam) to be happy even in the future. Especially when You have more Programs running paralle to MA3 on your PC.

    But my 'Cheap-Used-Solution' will fullfill the needs for now . So I will see. But fopr now I'm happy!

    Oh BTW: There will be no Information on what Hardware (CPU, Grafics-Card) is in the Consoles or Wings so far from MA.

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • Hello Rainschn,

    the decision you made is definitely the right one. This is ultimately the reason why we "only" offer a guide to the hardware. Based on this minimum or recommended hardware, the user can decide for himself which system is best for him, based on various parameters (performance, hardware design & costs).

    Here is the link to the latest grandMA3 onPC system requirements


    Please find below the actual hardware specification of the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT.

    According to our requirements for the grandMA3 onPC software, the hardware of the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT has an MA motherboard with an special AMD CPU with quad graphic, 16GB RAM shared VRAM, 80+ GB SSD with an optimized Windows 10 IoT Enterprise .

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  • Yessss! Thanks a lot! That's all i wanted to read and to find out!

    Guido, that was really useful for me and I think many others who are building an onPC platform for themselve!

    Both Thumbs double-up!!!

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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