Starting Bug Mode MA3

  • Hello,

    Sometimes when switching from mode 2 to mode 3 (via the 'restart' command),and even during a normal start, the entire control surface (fader executor command section) does not initiate when restarted, the buttons, Highlight solo freeze prw blind including their initiation cycle but this remains blocked in this state.

    It is therefore necessary to redo a "restart" so that everything returns to normal.

    On grandMA3 compact Xt in

    bug present only in mode 3 so far

    A software bug?

    thank you,


    Hardware :

    grandMA3 Compact XT

    MSI GS65 RTX2060 I7 16go

    Capture 2021 Symphony edition

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  • Hello Ke.zim,

    yes it is a firmware related bug we found last week.

    As you wrote a "restart" via the commandline is the workaround to get it back.

    So far this bug has only occurred on the compact xt until now.