Import 3D-model failure

  • Hi

    I have recently started working with .2 3D, lots of fun ;)

    Several 3DS files have worked just fine to import but for some reason I get the following message with one file.

    "There was no import plugin which handles the content of the following files"

    Before this happened I only got parts of the model imported not all 3DS-Mesh "layers".

    Any ideas?

  • I don't know what plugins it is, but .3ds has some restrictions (in dot23d). It can have only one material and one texture, the name must be limited to eight characters, the name of the texture and probably the material too. The number of vertices is also limited. I don't know if you can import solids composed of several separate solids, I have to try. It's best to upload a file and try to see what's in it.

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