• Hi, I have an issue with the 3D Window. I don't see any phasers running. I followed the workflow of the YouTube video about the preloaded phasers. When using the demo-show, it works. Using my own show with some Martin Vipers, the phasers are not shown in the 3D window. When I select the fixtures, turn dimmer on, selecting colours it works like it should.

    What do I miss? BTW, software version

    regards Tommi

  • Single Step allows you to more easily edit the individual steps of a phaser. For example, let's say you have a 4-step position phaser running, with the 4 points outlining a rectangle. If you wanted to adjust one or more of the corners of that rectangle, it could be very hard to see where exactly those points are while your fixtures are moving through the phaser, especially if their phase is not the same. Single Step will pause the phaser on the current step so you can see exactly what all fixtures are doing in it. Then shift to the next step to edit that one, and so forth. When you're done and ready to see the whole thing again, disable Single Step.

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