Integrated presets

  • Hi anyone

    I've created a dynamic position preset with integrated presets.

    But when i want to change phase or transition, and update this dynamic preset, it loses all references.

    Is there something i do wrong ?


  • Hi Bentoy,

    This seems to be a bug.

    A phaser is loosing it's references when changing other properties like Speed, Phase, Transition, etc.

    Additionally, it also requires an 'Integrate' for the first step.

    Will get back shortly.


    This is a confirmed bug and we hope to fix in the upcoming versions.

    Thank you very much!



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  • Thanks Luke.

    That's what i was thinking.

    I integrated my first preset in my first step, as Daniel teached us in Paris.

    Hope this will be fixed in next version.

    It seems that it is working on dimmer presets but not on positions.