Vectorworks 2020 to MA 3 GTDF Patch Issue

  • I am wondering what is the best was to export a patch from Vectorworks to MA 3. Currently It is trying to export GTDF and We do not have the units I am trying to import on the file. I have the fixture mode selected for what mode and that is not the mode that is trying export. It is trying to use GDTF.

    Fixture Types:

    Martin Viper Performance

    Martin Viper Profile

    Martin Quantum Wash

    GLP Spot One


    Let me know

  • Hi L3,

    if you use the MVR export Vectorworks will generate "dummy-GDTF" files for the non-existing ones. After the import in grandMA3 you can replace the dummy fixtures with personalities from any library source. The MVR files will get the patch and coordinates across.
    Please keep im mind that an export from grandMA3 afterwards will not automatically generate the GDTF files.